Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens at your first appointment? Our team of pain specialists is made of up both doctors and nurses, who will sit with you and review your physical history and pain history. The doctor will then perform a detailed medical exam designed to identify the specific cause of your pain. Your MRI will be reviewed as well. Then, our staff will discuss the best pain treatment options with you.
  • What kind of doctors work at Injury Treatment Center of Louisiana? Our doctors are specialists who are specifically trained to perform Interventional Procedures. They are board-certified in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.
  • Where do Injury Treatment Center of Louisiana’s Specialists perform their procedures? At our center located at 15814 Professional Plaza Dr. in Hammond, LA. This center is equipped with state-of-the-art procedure room and recovery area.  All treatments and office visits conveniently occur at the same location.
  • What should I expect after I have a scheduled procedure? Our staff will contact you to confirm your procedure appointment and give you instructions for your pain treatment procedure. Our clinical staff will ask several questions regarding your medical condition, allergies, and medications. You will be instructed of times to stop eating and drinking prior to your procedure. If these instructions are not followed, your procedure may be canceled.
  • Will I be sedated during my procedure? This will depend on the type of procedure that you are having performed. Talk to you pain doctor on his/her recommendations.
  • What should I wear the day of the procedure? Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Do not wear valuables such as jewelry, watches, or rings.
  • Can I eat or drink anything the day of my pain procedure? Generally, it is recommended that you eat nothing after midnight before the day of your procedure. The morning of your surgery, you are allowed to take daily medication with a sip of water. You will receive specific instructions from our clinical staff regarding this matter.
  •  Will the discharge instructions I receive after my procedure limit my activity? Your discharge instructions will vary depending upon the type of pain treatment procedure you are having performed. You will receive discharge instructions at the time of your discharge from the facility.
  • Will I need a follow-up appointment? Generally, we will schedule a follow up appointment before you leave to be seen in a week or two. Our nursing staff will contact you day after your procedure as well to check on you.